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  • Why learn Spanish?
    Spanish is one of the most widely used languages on earth. More than 400 million human beings speak Spanish. A number which continues to grow. Spanish is spoken throughout South America, increasingly in North America, in Europe, parts of Africa and in some Asian countries. A knowledge of Spanish is a highly valued asset in business and ever more useful in day to day situations. Good reasons for starting to learn or improve your Spanish. Attending a good Spanish course is the first step on the road to communicating in Spanish, a key skill in the modern world. The ability to locate a high quality Spanish language course that corresponds to your requirements is therefore of paramount importance.

  • Why learn Spanish in Spain?
    The easiest place to learn a foreign language is in its country of origin. In Spain you will be surrounded by the Spanish language throughout your visit, you will participate in the society and will have every opportunity to practice what you have learned in class. You will be surprised by how quickly you progress. Furthermore you will gain an insight into the way of life in Spain. You will have the chance to appreciate Spain's cultural and historical treasures, her art, literature, architecture and additionally her nature and landscape. Finally, the Spanish people are friendly and open, which makes conversation with the locals and practicing your Spanish an enjoyable experience.

  • Why book with Capture Spain?
    Trying to find the Spanish program that suits your needs among the vast amount of Spanish courses and corresponding accommodation available can become an inconvenient task. Knowing the market well, we dedicate ourselves for years to find for our students in the cities and towns of their choice the appropriate schools and Spanish language programs in Spain. Capture Spain will be the partner of your confidence finding institutes of excellent price quality relation. Our service is free of charge, you will pay only school's brochure prices. We keep you informed and make sure that every step goes smoothly and most important check with the schools that our clients receive the best possible service.

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