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The type of course that you undertake will depend on the length of time you intend to spend in Spain and on the intensity to which you wish to study. Those that we will usually recommend are those run by private academies. This is due to their greater flexibility in terms of start dates and the courses offered. Both, private academies and universities demand professional qualifications and extensive teaching experience of their teaching staff.

To give you an idea of the types of courses available, below we list some examples of courses offered in various schools. Please note that the prices listed are intended as a guide. Combinations of courses are available in the majority of schools.

Courses typically commence every Monday, or in some places every second Monday. Classes often include a ten or fifteen minute break every two hours. The number of students is always variable and during peak dates the numbers will obviously be greater. Peak dates might logically be those that correspond with university holidays etc. One-to-one tuition is almost always available in the private institutions. Combinations of courses are available in some schools.



Basic courses usually consist of three and a half or four hours of classes per day, five days a week.
These usually take place during the morning and sometimes during the late afternoon. In some cases the student can choose one or the other at the start of the course.
The minimum length of course is normally two weeks.

Example of basic course:
LEVEL: All levels; Beginner thru advanced
DURATION: Two weeks
TIMETABLE: 9.00am-1.00pm
PRICE OF CLASSES: 250 Euros - 500 Euros for two weeks


Intensive Courses.
A typical intensive course might last for a month and consist of five or six hours of classes per day. The total number of hours may vary from 90 to 150.

Example of intensive course:
LEVEl: Beginner thru advanced
TIME TABLE: 9.00am-2.30pm
DURATION: One month
500 Euros - 1.100 Euros per month


Individual Tuition.
Teaching on a one to one basis is obviously a more expensive option but guarantees that you will receive the teacher's exclusive attention. Furthermore the teaching can be tailored to you level of Spanish.

Prices vary between: 25 and 50 Euros per hour.


Extra Business Spanish
In addition to basic courses some schools offer extra classes of one or two hours per day for those wishing to learn Spanish for business.

As with the basic courses these are a minimum of two weeks in duration.
Prices vary from: 160 Euros - 300 Euros


Business Spanish Courses aimed at those wishing to study exclusively business Spanish are available in some centers. The structure and price of these courses vary considerably. Participation in such courses implies a prior knowledge of Spanish.

Duration up to four weeks (40 -100 hours)
Price: 300 Euros - 700 Euros


Preparation for DELE Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) Basic / Superior. Courses for the preparation for DELE exams are tailored to the content of these exams and therefore the study of the appropriate grammar etc. As with any diploma, participation in the course does not guarantee success in the final exams.

The length of time required for the preparation for these exams will depend on the students prior knowledge of Spanish and may be up to twelve weeks.
Price 2 weeks: 380 Euros
Price 12 weeks: 1000 Euros


Excursions and Cultural Activities

The majority of schools offer information about the city and its surroundings and some organize informal trips to local places of interest. Additionally, many schools offer extra cultural activities that may be of interest to students. Activities and trips are usually additional to the price paid for classes and are booked at any time at the school.