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Sevilla, Spain's great southern city and her inhabitants embody the popular image of Spain.

Day and night during Semana Santa (Easter Week) the devotees of the cityís churches lead their saints through the narrow streets. The icons are carried aloft on heavy platforms borne by a squad of concealed men. Before them, the faithful march slowly to the beat of the drums. Barefooted, with their heads covered by pointed hoods, they carry weighty candles that leave a trail of wax on the cobblestones.


No sooner has Semana Santa passed than begin the celebrations of the Feria de Abril. The Sevillanos dress in traditional costume for a week long party of dancing, drinking, flamenco, and bullfights.

In the old city center you will find all of Sevillas principal architectural monuments. The Alcazar is the ancient and beautiful Moorish palace. Close by the enormous 15th century cathedral is built on the sight of the former mosque, from which the Patio de los Naranjos survives. The Giralda, the eight hundred year old minaret that stands above the cathedral and the Patio de los Naranjos is Sevillas most spectacular treasure.